Second round

A maximum number of 20 participants from each country will participate in the second round. If you are among the highest scoring in the online test, you proceed to the second round – the essay. Europeum in cooperation with the partner organizations will select the topics. If you are one of the winners of the online test, you’ll immediately get the essay question, so that you can prepare and start working on that. The essay competition is evaluated by our partner organizations and that is why it will be written in your native (national) language. You will choose one of three topics from recent issues of International Relations and Security.

The form of essay does not have to exceed five norm pages (one norm page is 1800 characters with spaces). Picture amendments, graphs, tables and other complements are allowed and are not calculated within the page limit. The essay has to be sent out in pdf format to the contact email (see below).

    New topics for 2012 are following:
  1. Was the NATO decision to launch operation in Libya right?
  2. Is the current policy of the EU towards Iran (including sanctions) effective enough?
  3. How do you evaluate the NATO decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in 2014?

These topics are general and each student qualified to the second round can pick one of them. Apart from that in some countries some specific topics can be announced. Participants will be notified by national co-ordinators.

Your essay has to be submitted by June 17, 2012 (24:00) to your regional coordinator via e-mail only.

See the contact for your country in the table:




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MO ČR Supported by Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic
EU With support of European Union: Support of organizations working in the area of Active European Citizenship