International round and study trip to Prague

The winners who score best in the essay competition (Second round) will qualify to the international round and participate in study trip to Prague. We count with three students from each country to join truly international summer event. They will share opinions with students from other participant countries; they will take part in interactive games, workshops and simulations. Students will have a chance to get to know the marvelous city of Prague, they will know each other during different interactive games and activities; they will have a chance to meet representatives of the EU as well as scholars and representatives of state administration of the Czech Republic. We will encourage participants to create international bonds, organize a national night, during which participants will present their countries.

Participants of the Prague study trip will be provided with accommodation and three meals per day, all activities as well as travel expenses will be covered by organizers. From each country one supervisor (from partner organization) will join the team and work as a liason person for students from respective country.




MZV Supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic
MO ČR Supported by Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic
EU With support of European Union: Support of organizations working in the area of Active European Citizenship