Basic information

The EuropaSecura project brings together young voices from EU countries and the direct EU neighborhood states. They are testing their knowledge on the role of the EU and NATO in nowadays conflict resolution, the history and the institutions of both organizations and geopolitics . An essay competition allows students to articulate their own ideas on the current security situation and the conflicts in the world.


The winners of the competition will participate in study trip to Prague. They will share opinions with students from Europe and southern Caucasus in an exciting workshop with simulations, lectures and have a remarkable time in one of Europe’s most splendid cities. This study trip is a part of international round of EuropaSecura.

Contest structure

EuropaSecura contest has three rounds:

Conditions for participation

I can participate in this contest provided that:

Eligible countries are as follows:

Contest timetable

28.5.2012 Deadline for submitting applications (do 24:00)
29.5.2012 First round - smart test (from 12:00 to 16:00 CET)
30.5.2012 Announcement of results and essay topics for Second round
17.6.2012 Deadline for online submitting essays (24:00)
30.6.2012 Results of Second round - winners announced
25.-29.8.2012 International round in Prague



MZV Supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic
MO ČR Supported by Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic
EU With support of European Union: Support of organizations working in the area of Active European Citizenship